Khiry’s 10 Joyful Tips

In the time that we are in today it can be hard to find joy. At some points we think we have it and lose it like that, so I wanted to share tips with you of how I’ve found joy. Now these are just my suggestions of how to be joyful you may have your own ways of being joyful, I’m not telling you to stop doing that if you find joy from it, do it.

1. Grab a cup of coffee and bring a book with you

This can either be at a coffee shop or at home. Try to set some time for yourself, either waking up early or if you have kids, while they are down for a nap or out of the house pour some coffee and start reading. For me I say this because there is something about getting lost in a book with coffee that gives me so much joy.

2. Spend time outside

This is something that I did pretty much all summer but now doing it a little less cause it’s the dead of winter. Now I’m not saying go outside and freeze your butt off but if you get one of those random 45 to 60 degree days go outside and breathe in the fresh air.

3. Find something you like to do for fun and do it

For me this is writing; but for you this could be going on a run, getting caught up in a show, knitting, baking, a diy project, whatever you can think of, do it.

4. Smile

For all the people that know me, early on in our relationship you quickly realize I’m always smiling and in a great mood. The reason for that is because I try my best to start my day with a smile. Now this is something that needs to be done alone, I don’t want you to ever be in a situation where you have to force a smile; you know the time you see a neighbor or a random person and smile out of being polite. Start your day with a smile.

5. See friends and family (safely)

I fully understand that we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, that is my reasoning of saying safely. Now the times you may see them could be far spread out to make sure everyone stays healthy, but there is something about seeing loved ones that boosts joy a ton. For me there was a point where I was not seeing a lot of loved ones cause I have to avoid getting sick but once I could it added so much more joy to my life.

6. Don’t look at your phone so much

When we are so attached to our phones it can start stealing joy from you. If we see something on the internet or something that someone else posted that we don’t agree with our response is not a joyful one. By not looking at your phone so much you not only turn away from something that can steal joy but you also focus on the things in front of you.

7. Work on self-care

There are so many occasions in which we care for people so much (which there is nothing wrong with) that we tend to forget about caring for ourselves. I’m just gonna go ahead and say this but there is NOTHING SELFISH about CARING for YOURSELF if you NEED it. Go take that nap if you need it, don’t feel guilty. Other options are keep a journal, go to the gym, clean your room, throw on some essential oils and breathe, etc.  

8. Plan some time away

The way 2020 has gone, we could all use a getaway. For some this may be a difficult time to do that but there are cost effective options, such as renting a camper, you can go wherever you want and not have to pay for a pricey hotel. Another option is going for a long drive and throwing some tunes or a podcast on. 

9. Focus on the small things/victories

When you really look at the small things you realize that they are bigger than you think. A few examples that bring lots of joy are randomly finding money you forgot about, when a friend asks how are you?, waking up to a bright sunny day or throwing on a song you love. 

10. Put words of encouragement around your home

In my honest opinion this is one of the easiest ways to bring joy. Simply buy some sticky notes and pens and write something like “make today a good day” or “you’re a beast,” whatever floats your boat. But that is not the only option, there are places that you can buy custom prints that you can stick on the wall.

Till next time,


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