Hey there! My name is Khiry and I’m 27 years old. Just to get you a little more familiar with me the words that best describe me are Kingdom, Coffee, and Joy. The biggest passions of mine are public speaking, writing and encouraging the people around me, just to rattle off a few. If I were being completely honest I had no idea that I would develop a passion for these. Then I realized that I loved pushing people to a new levels and helping them feel confident in who they are and what they are doing. In writing this was something that I had a small passion for but eventually grew. It wasn’t a big passion because there were often periods of time that I doubted myself. That doubt came from roadblocks saying that I either had to write a certain way or thinking I would run out of content to post. Now public speaking was a shocker for me the reason why this was a shocker was because I was deathly afraid of public speaking. With the mixture of being extremely nervous and sometimes forgetting what I was going to say made me want to ball up in the fetal position rocking back and forth haha. But after I realized how much God wants me to use this gift pushed it right into a passion. The Wheels In Motion blog was created six years ago. The reason why I created this blog was with the dream to share my life with y’all so that you can see what goes on. For me I have really felt through the Lord and other people that my life needs to be shared. This was not so that a selfish purpose could be fulfilled but so that a vision of the Kingdom could be revealed.


The Response

Have you ever experienced a time you were struggling and didn’t realize how bad it was? Well that’s exactly what I walked into. Many can attest to this, because odds are you’ve gone through the same thing. For the majority of 2021 my mental health wasn’t the best and I struggled with both anxiety and …


Have you ever gone through a period of where you needed to step away from something for a time and didn’t realize it? But after you realized it, it gave you more life and more energy to keep going? Well that’s exactly what happened with blogging. When this happened it came out of nowhere, pretty …


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