After experiencing all that happened in 2020 we can all agree that it was one crazy year. Not only that but for some it has been a tough year mixed with loneliness, depression, and heartache. For me I’ve had to experience some of those head on due to strict restrictions I’ve committed to so I don’t get sick.   

In committing to those restrictions there have been times where 2020 has been extremely hard for me. First off for the first six months of the pandemic I rarely did anything and only left my house two or three times. Through rarely doing anything and staying home as much as possible I was seeing very few people. As I was doing this to be honest there were a lot of tough lonely days from not seeing loved ones as much as I used to. There were also times I almost cracked as I wondered when this was going to end. Will there ever be a time to be around people on a more consistent basis? Even though these were tough for me there were a lot of things that helped me keep my head up and get through 2020. 

The second half of 2020 was what helped me keep my head up with it being different than the first. First off one of the biggest things that helped me get through were friends and family. No matter if that was a phone call or the few times I’ve been able to hang out with friends and family in person, this helped a ton. Not only that but I was able to focus on mental health by going to one of my personal favorite places, the beach. Also as things were changing I was able to go back to work safely which has given me the chance to get out of the house and see people safely instead of staring at the same four walls. And finally I was able to revamp my blog and work on my nonprofit here and there, which kept me occupied and not focused on the bad. 

Now that we have made the transition to 2020 I am ready for what is to come. Yet if I were to be honest I’m not sure exactly what I am looking forward to but I will say I currently have no New Year’s resolutions. The reason why I don’t have any would be because 2020 taught me not to have any sort of expectations. But where it currently stands right now is that I am focused on myself and how I can better myself, trying to find more was to grow and teach. Plus just trusting the Lord and seeing where He is leading me and what He has planned for me in 2021.

To give y’all a little encouragement if you do have New Year’s resolutions I’m not knocking them by not having them. I’m just saying that sometimes we can have them and get so locked in that it’s all we care about. The only thing I’m saying is that when we have expectations and those expectations can get crushed. Through not having too many expectations we don’t allow our happiness to be stolen through our anger of not achieving them. But if you aren’t sure what will happen in 2021, find time to slow down, get away for a little bit and you’ll find just that. So buckle up and get ready 2021 cause I’m here and I’m ready! Are you??

Till next time,


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