Writers Block

As of right now I love every single part of writing but being honest it hasn’t always been that way. As I said in my bio one of the reasons why I was afraid to write was because I thought I had to write a certain way. You know like MLA and APA formatting, pretty much what you have to go through in high school and college. But when I finally got out of both of those writing styles I came to the realization that writing isn’t that bad or as hard as it’s portrayed. Another thing that helps me come to the realization of this, is that I’ve understood that writing has a process.

For me there are about three or four parts that go into the process of preparing to write a blog. In that process I start with putting it on paper. This allows me to get my brain flowing and what I want to go into the blog, and asking myself what do I want to write?? Then there’s editing, early on I didn’t take the time I needed in doing this but now I do because you know typos do exist haha. Just to give you another picture of the time it takes; it takes about three days to prepare a blog. That’s getting the topic, putting it on paper, typing, and editing. But in all of that a surprising thing is it only takes about an hour or two to post. But in that entire process I’m not gonna lie it still comes with a few challenges.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy writing but it’s still a little hard for me in different ways. For example, by far biggest reason is that I’m my biggest critic. Mainly because I’m thinking is this going to be good or not, or did I put that sentence in the right place. Being honest I second guess everything I write. But none of this in anyway is shameful I just want to make sure that the person reading it enjoys what they are reading and I didn’t mash something together to get quantity of quality. Then there is the challenge that almost every writer faces; writers block. Where the writer gets deadlocked in a creative shutdown. In these times I know I have great writing skills but my brain stops flowing and I don’t know what to write next.

Yet even in those challenges it makes me want to write even more. When I’m writing you know that feeling you get when you ride a roller coaster that is the same adrenaline I get when I am writing. Plus on numerous occasions people close to me have always told me that I have a life and a story that need to be shared. In sharing my story I have the ability to encourage others in ways that I’ve gotten through tough situation. With me knowing this I am willing to accept the challenge of writing and making it by far one of my biggest challenges!

Till next time,


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