Have you ever gone through a period of where you needed to step away from something for a time and didn’t realize it? But after you realized it, it gave you more life and more energy to keep going? Well that’s exactly what happened with blogging. When this happened it came out of nowhere, pretty much I just felt that I needed to stop writing for a time. Then I noticed the overarching reason of why I had this feeling, burnout.

When this started happening there were two major things that made me feel that way. The first was the fact that I had an entire blog written out and ready to post but I kept having this feeling of just not wanting or desiring to write it. The other feeling was that I would post about a blog coming and I would pivot at the last minute and not post it or change the day.

But in changing the day I’d push it back a day, then a couple of week, then a month. Now when I look back at it I’ve only written one blog in three months. But even in this one post I felt like I forced myself to write it instead of letting it flow naturally. Yet I believe the biggest reason I needed to step away came with the realization that in 2020 I’ve written more blogs than any year ever since launching four years ago.

Now this is a phenomenal milestone but with this came two other reasons I had to step away that were really heavy on me. The first was that I stress myself out a little too much when it comes to building content. What am I going to write? Or how am I gonna communicate that? The second was the extra baggage of what if I run out of content? Or if I’m putting out the right content?

Even though these were legit questions I was worried about they were put to bed in my time away from blogging. In taking a brief break I’m actually feeling better than ever about writing. It’s something about when we take time away from something when we come back we feel so much better. That’s how I feel with this post, that I’m a lot more passionate and have a bigger desire for writing than ever before.

Plus I feel like I have a better understanding of what a friend told me “that you’re only human.” This has helped me have a slower approach and not try to rush or post more than I’m able. Also in that break I believe the Lord was in the details of this, that doing this wasn’t going to change anything and trust that it’ll still be there when I’m ready. All in all realize the signs if you feel a burnout coming. Also understand that burnout can sometimes come out of nowhere and it may take time. But when this happens get some time away and do something fun; like reading, time in the sun (when it not raining), getting coffee, etc. Just get some time to relax and reset.

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  1. I’m really glad that you were able to recognize how you were feeling and step away! It can be easy to force yourself to do something you don’t want to do, when really, you’re the only person who expects you to do it! And you can choose to be easy on yourself, like you have for the past couple of months.

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