How have you been lately? The old question that’s been asked for a long time either in passing or just catching up. For some of us this question is asked and the answer is usually I’m good or doing well and we never actually go into detail. Now for me when asked this question if I am having a crazy week I’ll just do the same thing and say good or well, paying no attention that I said it. But the majority of the time I very vulnerable and will tell you almost exactly how I am doing. So I’m not gonna lie this has been a challenging but exciting couple of months for me.

These couple of months have been challenging for me because I’ve had my fair share of dips here and there. To begin with for about a year and a half I’ve been taking a clinical trail drug for lung function that seemed like it was working effectively. But about a month ago I was told to stop taking it because the initial findings didn’t show improvement. Although this did get me down at first I’m better about the situation because I know there is a plan.

Outside of that through me having a past struggle with depression and the amplification of the pandemic there have been times of where I’ve had manageable dips. Now just being honest in these dips I usually shutdown and don’t talk to anyone for about an hour or two for so, don’t worry this is just the way I work through it. Plus there have been times that I’ve gotten close to cracking because of the length of the pandemic. Yet through both of these I’ve been able to handle the situation well through the times I can leave my house to got to work, the few times I can see friends or just people checking on me. All of these help me feel extremely loved and cared for. Also a lot of getting through this is from the Lord and being reminded of his presence and patience.

Now even though those are challenging things over the last couple months there are a lot of exciting things. First off the GoFundMe I’m doing to raise money for a van is going well and I am extremely thankful for the people that have given. In my opinion I firmly believe that we’ll reach the goal quicker than I think it is. Also this may sounds like a simple thing but it has given me so much life and that’s being able to watch football. Other than that I’ve been working on my business plan and am slowly making strides to finish it, the good new in this is that I have settled on a company name! For specific branding reasons I won’t share it on here but if you asked in person I would probably tell you. But the gist of this is no matter the challenges that you face in a season you can get through them. So I just wanna encourage y’all that you are unstoppable and you can get through anything.

Till next time,


One Reply to “Update”

  1. Khiry,

    You are the man. A great blog. I love your honesty and your ability to just be real about you and your life. So sorry about the clinical trial drug, that’s hard stuff. I hope you know that I stand beside you in the hard, right now and whatever we will go through in the future. Your my brother, thanks for sharing this blog with us. The world needs to hear your story.

    Your biggest fan,

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