Tech Savy

For many of us in our world today something that has been a constant is a lot of us are controlled by our phones or better yet social media outlets. For some of us you know that this has been sweeping our nation for the past 15 years or more. Some are able to state that this is a real problem that needs to be fixed in our world today but the majority are completely oblivious to this. Now I’m gonna drop a huge bomb on you but did you know social media outlets feed into this problem. For me I believe the journey of getting to the point of noticing this all started when I decided to step away from social media for a time from early September till almost the end of September.

In me making the decision to step away from social media wasn’t just some random “I’m gonna step away,” but it was building up for months. In this build up there were three different things that fed into it but they were hitting me over and over again. The first thing was that it was a major distraction; for example there were occasions that I was working and would randomly go to Instagram or Facebook and start scrolling for like 15 to 30 minutes, wasting time. But the other two were the biggest things that fed into it the most; for one on average I was spending between 24-33 hours a week on social media. Just to let that sink in a little I was basically spending over a day scrolling through social media per week. The other was that in all of this scrolling day in and day out I was just drained and consumed by it and it wasn’t giving me life at all. When that build up finally got to its peak I cracked and had to get away cause I couldn’t take it anymore.

Now that I shared with you my reasoning of why I stepped away you remember that bomb I dropped on you earlier on social media feeding into this problem, well let me tell you. First off, each media outlet wants to get the most attention. What I mean by this is that each media outlet wants to be viewed more than the other. Let’s make this a little more clear: their goal is basically to distract you as much as possible to stay on their app, for you to be in their world instead of the real world. Now the way that us being there more than in the real world is that it can be a direct root to depression and anxiety due to comparison. We get so worried about what everyone else is doing and can sometimes grow envious because we are not there yet. Not gonna lie but this has happened to me first hand in the past but I’ve gotten to the point that I bury it because it doesn’t bring anything positive to the table. Not only can it do that to us but I can also cause us to find self worth in the likes or attention that we get. When we don’t get enough it can make us feel as if we aren’t worthy.

With me saying all of this I’m not saying stay as far away from social media as possible I’m just saying have a healthy approach in a way that you’re controlling it and it doesn’t control you. Now here are a few things to chew on; when you’re bored and don’t have anything to do what’s the first thing you go to? Let me ask another question, what’s the first thing you think about when you hang out with friends, go to a wedding or vacation? Are you just worried about what you’re going to post on Instagram or Facebook or spending time with the people you love? If you go straight to social media and spend what seems like endless time or your first thought is oh I can’t wait to post; you may have a problem. But there are ways to combat this, for one try to impose a limit. This makes it so that you aren’t spending hours on hours like I did. Another thing is maybe not sleeping with your phone by you. Most of the time the first thing we do is look at social media instead of getting ready for the day. Just by doing this you could feel so much better and have a much healthier approach. Plus this will help your mood feel a whole lot better and will for sure challenge you to catch up with people because you’re not alway in the social media world. And trust me if my mood felt better and I was able to find a healthier approach you can too.

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