What’s Next??

REEVALUATE! For some of us this has been the word of 2020. The appearance of this word has occurred after we have either been furloughed, layed off or even fired. Some of us have even had to go through reevaluation without even going through those experiences, I was one of those people. With the combination of real fear of covid and having to be really hard on quarantining made me have to face the reality of rethinking everything. Just to give you an inside look I am actually involved in multiple different things, for example, I work for two different companies Seeds Coffee and Taproot Landscaping plus I volunteer for Young Life and run the blog you are currently reading; I had to reevaluate all of this. 

This all began with a phone call to someone I’ve known for 16 years, Jason Zinn. The main reason I reached out was because I was considering going back to school for seminary, plus early in quarantine I was stuck at home doing nothing but playing Xbox and binge watching haha. Soon after Jason and I spoke and prayed about it for a week or so we brought in the guidance of another mutual friend of ours who is also the pastor of the church I attended, Todd Harrington, so that we could dig down and really figure this out. In order to find my true purpose and role in the Kingdom Todd gave me a list of things to do. Those included a spiritual gifts test, personality test, and 12 stones of my life; after finishing those Jason, Todd, and I would meet and the process began. The purpose of doing this was to figure out what I am truly passionate about and would produce the most fruit for God’s Kingdom.

Now just being honest I am very stubborn and can often not take kindly to change. In knowing that there was gonna be some kind of change I also knew I would have a little push back (which I did at first). But as each day went by until our follow up meeting I was becoming more and more at peace about it everyday. The first thing that I believed helped me with this was saying yes to it, saying yes helped me prepare for the coming change. Then I read tons of bible plans about what’s next, accepting new seasons, direction and dreaming big, which allowed me to actually listen instead of ignoring. But one of the things that prepared me the most was knowing that He called me for a specific purpose in working and advancing the Kingdom. 

All of those things not only prepared me but they also got my mind flowing of passions of mine I’ve always had. As we met for the follow up meeting there was the realization that with everything I was already doing there was overlap. First off I got reminded of the passions I had for speaking, writing and encouraging and the passion I had of creating a nonprofit. So I was thinking if I’ve had a passion of this for so long why not pursue a nonprofit that focuses on all three of those. In being passionate about writing there also came a opportunity I could not turn down and that was writing for Seeds and Taproot. Also with being passionate about encouraging others Jason opened the door for a new role in Young Life that I’m extremely excited about when I can pour into male leaders and encourage them.

After going through this process I’m actually glad I did and I’m extremely thankful for a ton of things. Part of the reason why I’m glad I did it was because I did just graduate back in December and wasn’t sure what was next. Just to rattle off what I’m thankful for, first off are people that are willing to walk with me through change and reevaluation to figure out where I truly needed to be. Just being honest Jason and Todd didn’t have to do this but they chose to because they wanted me to find something I was truly going to love and be excited for. Not only that but the people that encouraged me because they knew that I would excel in what was next. Plus a Lord for sticking with me through this process, because with His guidance and reminding me of my passions helped a ton. If you are unsure of what’s next for you in life I would encourage you to reevaluate and rethink, because you could find something that you really love and have a burning desire for.

Till next time,


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