Stuck pt 2

For all of us there has been one unavoidable thing in the last six months, quarantine. Now some may not have to take extra precautions and still be able leave your homes. But for me I have had to take massive precautions and limit myself from going out as much as possible. How much have you limited myself you might ask? I have literally only left my house twice. You’re probably wondering what could I have been doing? How have you not left you house for that long? Or how have you keep yourself sane?

Now here is my answer to the first question of what have I been doing during quarantine? Well first off since I started quarantining sleeping has definitely been big cause I haven’t woken up earlier than 10 am haha. Also I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’ve picked up a lot more of my writing. Before I was kinda like this is a side hobby that I’m not sure will amount to much. But I have actually really enjoyed writing and making more content, it gives me something to do so I don’t die of boredom stuck at home. And a plus from me enjoying writing developed a tiny passion into a huge passion of mine.

Another thing that I can add onto writing would have to also be reading and I am in the midst of reading four different books. Something that I will naturally do with books is start reading one and in the middle of the book stop reading it and start reading another, so that’s how I got to that total of books. Now I haven’t only done those two things but for those that know me, know that I enjoy being outside. Yet that may be a little different stuck at my house and all. But with me saying that I have also been outside almost everyday. The only bad thing about that is Birmingham is hot and I’ve came back in the house on numerous occasions with a damp shirt haha. Also while I have been in quarantine I have been able to sit and ask the Lord what He truly wants for me. Now I am still working to figure that out but this was the perfect time to ask.

In me staying sane there have been a lot of things that have help me do that. For one people that have reached out to me by either texting or calling me. You may not think so but that goes a long way and really shows that I am loved. Plus even though I firmly believe that we will get out of this I can struggle with uncertainty of when and y’all help me a ton. Another thing that has helped me in this time is the Lord. Through me pursuing the Lord’s heart it gives me the energy to not only stay positive not just myself but also for others that this will not last forever.

Till next time,


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